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Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The best canister vacuum cleaner is available through many different vendors. Canister vacuums had lost some of their popularity through the years because of the surge in Uprights but they are back on the rise.

Canister vacuums are typically more powerful than an upright, they are easier to transport and usually are best if you are trying to keep a multi level home clean. There are some well known brands that offer canisters in their line up of vacuum cleaners.

Canister vacuums are usually a bit more expensive than uprights are. Usually they have more reach than uprights.

The Best

The Dyson DC39 Animal Canister is likely one of the best canister vacuum cleaner. It has a pivot system that makes it easy to move around the room! This canister vacuum has all the tools on board that you need to reach those hard to reach areas around baseboards, drapes even your ceiling fans. You can get your whole house clean with this vacuum. The downs side is the cost at $500 plus dollars!

The Dyson DC 39 Multi Floor Canister vacuum is also a great machine that is a bit pricey but well worth the investment if you have multi surface floors in your home. This vacuum is self adjusting, it “senses” the floor height and adjusts accordingly which is nice. There are no dials to mess with to raise and lower the vacuum head. Again the down side is the cost $500 plus.

A little Less Pricey

If you need to spend less on your new vacuum than you may want to consider the Kenmore Canister Vacuum, it is less than $200 and does not have all the extras but it works well and Kenmore builds things to last so this is a good option.

Panasonic puts out a good canister vacuum. The Panasonic Cannister Bagged is a decent canister vacuum with some on board tools that can make cleaning easier. The cost is around $250. The cord is extra long on this vacuum which makes getting around a large space a lot easier.

Miele offers the Olympus in their canister line which is a great deal at $250.00 because it offers many of the features that the more expensive Dyson line offers at half the cost. There are plenty of features that make this one of the best canister vacuum options in this price range.

Finding the best canister vacuum simply takes a little homework. Keep in mind that you will pay more for this type of vacuum but you do get more cleaning power. Whether a canister or upright is right for you is a personal choice.













Best Vacuum Cleaners 2014-2015

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